11/6/95 ... the chief cook of my brother, Manoy Dodong, has recently received a letter from a man of Canada. He is still young 36 years old and is still single. You know, the girl was very, very happy upon receiving his letter. She's still on the process of replying.

1/9/96 This girl (my cousin) had give me another picture of herself. She always asked me why nobody write her. Please let a guy or someone of your friend there to write her because she's always waiting for a letter from the States. I think she could not wait when somebody likes her. ... I said to her you can receive some letters soon.

1/22/96 There are many girls who were able to receive letters. Some have three, two, one, others have none and still eagerly waiting and asking.

2/8/96 You know, there are now many who wish to apply for a pen-pal because there are many who were able to receive letters from different countries and they are encouraged also to participate. One of our neighbors received a letter from Ireland. Oh, I'm really very thrilled to learn of their fate. Maybe they could be able to select a very good one, just like yours.

2/19/96 Happy to tell you that a friend of mine working at the court has just recently received a letter from a man at Belgium who is working at the NATO. Oh, she's so excited to establish friendship with him. She rushes at our office early morning just to tell me about this. She said, it's no joke at all.